Affordable, personal, professional service for indie authors and small press publishers.

Affordable, personal, professional service for indie authors and small press publishers.

Your book in audio is the next big step. Bring us your words, your goals, your vision, and let us make it easy. We can't wait for your characters to be heard.

What We Do

We create engaging audiobook productions in all fiction genres designed to pull listeners deep into the story. Dynamic performances from talented actors, many with film and theatre credits from Hollywood to Broadway, bring each character to life. Pseudonyms are welcome when a project calls for it, but the narration is always 100% authentic.

Specializing in duet and multi-cast duet audiobooks. 

Single and dual narration also available.


Find out how we work with authors to create the audiobook of their dreams. A variety of packages and licensing arrangements are available.


Custom casting calls, special requests plus an established roster to find the perfect voice. Start with these from our roster and hear their narrations. 


Quick answers about the timeline, audiobook marketing strategies, value for your investment and more for veterans and newbies alike.

Give me the feels!

Sample our audiobooks for a peek inside our productions. 

What's different about our process.

All of our productions begin and end with a love of characters. Authors appreciate our understanding of the subtleties that make the difference between a story that is told and an audiobook that is performed . We treat every audiobook production like a blockbuster with direction that captures each unique nuance of the characters and their stories. By casting characters individually, our duet productions maintain a conversational feel. Everyone involved is an artist first. The magic we create is our biggest reward.