It's all about the voice, the characters, the story and the experience when it comes to great romance in audio format. CTR Audio knows how sexy sounds.


What We Do

We create engaging audiobook productions designed to pull romance listeners deep into the story. Dynamic performances from talented actors, many with film and theatre credits from Hollywood to Broadway, bring each character to life. We encourage our narrators to use a pseudonym and allow themselves the freedom to explore genres that diverge from those on their established resumes.  

Specializing in duet and multi-cast duet audiobooks. 

Single and dual narration also available.


Find out how we work with authors to create the audiobook of their dreams. A variety of packages and licensing arrangements are available.


Our boutique offers amazing savings direct from the source. You can skip the major retailers and grab a great story at an awesome deal. 


These are the people who make the magic happen. Read their bios and get to know them a little better.  Find out how to join our roster.

Give me the feels!

Sample our audiobooks for a peek inside our productions.  Our audios are indulgently spicy. Some samples are NSFW.

What's different about our process.

All of our productions begin and end with a love of romance. Authors appreciate our understanding of the genre. We treat every production like a blockbuster with direction that captures each unique nuance of the characters and their stories. By casting characters individually, our productions maintain a conversational feel. Everyone involved is an artist first. The magic we create is our biggest reward.

Featured Production


My ex left me high and dry and completely broke.
I’m never making that mistake again—the one where I trust someone enough to fall in love. That doesn’t mean I’ve stopped enjoying the scenery. My two best friends and weekend RPG buddies, Seth and Ryan, are the perfect guest stars in my fantasies.
But my imagination is a weak substitute for reality after one of those gaming sessions takes role playing to a scorching new level. Much as I’d like to spend more time daydreaming about both men taking me, my drained bank account demands immediate attention. Especially now that I may lose my job because someone screwed up… and all signs point to Ryan. Looks like I trusted the wrong guys. Again.