The story...

At CTR Audio, we have a few major rules.

Make it engaging, make it affordable and make it real.

When an audiobook leaves you feeling as if you know the characters and have lived their story, it’s hit the mark. This is our primary focus.

Our productions are all inclusive. We believe in boundless love and sexy imaginations, and produce sex positive manuscripts in all heat levels along with mystery, suspense, science fiction and everything in between. Nothing is more satisfying than bringing books to life and we’ll be there to help you promote your new audiobook baby on social media. We can also help you with marketing tools such as audiogram videos. Last but not least, we believe in privacy. As producers of steamy romances in audiobook format, we know all these things go hand in hand. CTR Audio is the brainchild of romance author, Alyssa Turner.  Since 2010, Alyssa has been producing highly acclaimed steamy audio with a romantic bend. 

CTR Audio is a division of Quipt Media, LLC. 

Testimonials & Reviews

What people say about us.

“Excellent dialogue, likeable characters and so much emotion! I really enjoyed this amazing performance and highly recommend it!.” ~Review of FOUR REAL


Audible Reviewer

“Production was a smooth, hassle free process for me. You’ve delivered an amazing, high quality product, with fantastic voice actors. I love the duet narration. I love that you’ve communicated every step of the process, and I love the final result.”

Allyson Lindt


“Alyssa is a complete joy to work with – she puts in the extra effort and prep work to ensure that we as voiceover actors can focus on our performance, resulting in a professional and streamlined end product.”

Adam Riley

Voiceover Actor